Seven “Great” Teaching Methods Not Backed Up By Evidence

I’ve quite recently perused these articles online composed by two teachers from Durham University.

‘Seven “extraordinary” showing strategies not moved down by prove’ (1)

‘Instructions to make showing extraordinary’ (2)

The articles depend on an examination paper for the Sutton Trust ‘What makes incredible instructing” (3)

Here’s a little test for you.

Seven of the accompanying showing rehearses have no proof to back them up as “extraordinary” showing techniques and six do.

Attempt and work out which will be which.

Utilizing acclaim luxuriously

Enabling students to find key thoughts for themselves

Gathering students by capacity

Re-perusing and featuring to reexamine and retain

Tending to issues of certainty and low goals

Educating to a student’s favored learning style e.g. kinaesthetic, visual, sound-related

Dynamic students recollect more than aloof students

Content learning by educators

Nature of direction

Connections between educators and understudies/instructing atmosphere

Classroom administration

Educator convictions e.g. about how youngsters learn

Proficient practices e.g. proficient improvement, supporting associates and liaising with guardians.

Which did you pick as the six segments of good-quality instructing and which seven did you dismiss?

Clearly, the initial seven on the rundown have no confirmation to back them up as compelling showing strategies, in spite of their notoriety, and the last six do.

Truth be told the two segments that have the most grounded confirm for affect on understudy results:

Content Knowledge – instructors who have a profound information of the subject they are instructing and can convey it viably to understudies.

Nature of Instruction – instructors who are gifted in powerful addressing and evaluation, and who dynamically present new aptitudes and learning.

These articles make truly fascinating perusing, and when I read articles like this I generally consider my own particular showing techniques and practice. It’s intriguing that when I consider the change in my youngsters’ phonic screening check comes about (19% passed 2012, 100% passed 2014) I know it is on the grounds that I attempted to enhance my phonics educating.

This is a rundown of what I did:

Guarantee my phonics educating was obviously organized with the goal that the youngsters dynamically manufactured their insight into the sounds close by the abilities of mixing to peruse and dividing to spell.

Giving kids a lot of chances to rehearse their abilities of perusing and composing so they were solidly installed. This included utilizing pseudo words to enable youngsters to utilize the deciphering abilities they have to handle any new word.

Utilizing phonetically decodable perusing books as our perusing plan with the goal that youngsters have a chance to peruse their own particular books utilizing the phonic information and abilities they have learnt in class.

The article ‘On the most proficient method to make showing incredible’ says in its decision ‘The way educators find out about their own instructing can directly affect understudy results’. That has absolutely ended up being valid in my instructing of phonics.


Higgins, S and Coe, R. ‘Seven “awesome” showing techniques not went down by confirm’: The Conversation. 31 October 2014

Higgins, S and Coe, R. ‘The most effective method to make showing extraordinary.’ The Conversation. seventh November 2014

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Survey of the supporting examination by means of The Sutton Trust (article in October 2014).

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